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Uhhhh......oh, well maybe we went a bit too far in the fantasy direction with this one, but we are an enigmatic group of dancers who do like to experiment with creative innovation in our performances.

For instance, this Andalusia Indian fusion choreography we did using a Classical Samai 10/8 rhythm accented with the percussion we created using Gungroos (Indian ankle bells).



Performed to an intriguing Middle Eastern and Celtic musical fusion blend, this mesmerizing "candle dance" depicts the personification of grace and beauty.

Basic Egyptian dance technique is blended into a fantasy ritualistic appearing dance. An outdoor twilight or evening performance with lit candles in brightly colored glass mosaic holders to this powerful music has been described as no less than breathtaking and spellbinding.




Salome's "Dance of the Seven Veils" is often what comes to mind when the term "belly dance" is mentioned.

Though a much debated subject among Oriental Dance enthusiasts, the consensus leans in the direction of this being a Hollywood publicist's fantasy.

Veil dancing has evolved primarily as a western influenced phenomenon. The inspiration and influence can be directly related to Turkish and Persian classical style court dances where wisps of silk and gossamer scarves are used to embellish and enhance the dancer's persona.

Veil dancing today has developed into an art of its own where whole choreographies are created using exotic and colorful meters of sheer, floating lengths of fabric to create a wonderful and whimsical illusion.

This graceful and colorful veil choreography is performed to a song inspired by the "Sufi". The music is a modern rendition of a 14th century Sufi song.


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