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Sahara Silk is located in North East Florida, with most of its members from the Jacksonville and Orange Park, Florida areas.

Photo: Juddy Lane's (c)2005Troupe members are a dedicated and accomplished group of dancers taught by director and choreographer Julianne Battaglia. All have had years of training and experience in Middle Eastern dance from Julianne as well as from numerous other teachers and professional seminar instructors through out the country.

Each member, in her own personal style can clearly be recognized as having the "it" factor. The "it" factor is seen when a dancer can embody, express, and demonstrate the intricate nuances and complexities of Middle Eastern rhythms and music. When a dancer "becomes" the music and her kinetic expression makes the music visible to the viewer, she can be said to have the "it" factor. She possesses the rare and delightful ability to understand and articulate the spirit of the dances, not just the steps. Troupe members continually strive to refine their technique to accurately express the character and soul inherent in this lovely dance art.

Sahara Silk dancers are eager and enthusiastic about sharing their love and dedication to this beautiful ancient art form. They are sublime in their support and respect for each other as spiritual beings that are fortunate to have their paths meet through this joyous learning experience. Members feel they have been truly blessed with a delightful compatibility among uniquely individual personalities who are able to maintain a sense of harmony in their focus and direction. For this we are very grateful!


2006 marks the troupe's 30th birthday!

Over the past three decades it has welcomed and transitioned many dancers. It was originally founded by teacher, director, and choreographer Julianne in 1976 to perform in a bi-centennial multi ethnic celebration sponsored by the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Since that date it has enjoyed an uninterrupted continuity in celebrating and performing the art of Middle Eastern Dance throughout the South East.

Julianne 1976 Bicentennial Celebration
Photo: Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006
Julianne 2006     

For three decades the troupe has continued to thrive, evolve, and expand its focus to embrace a number of dance styles from classical and traditional, to innovative and experimental. This truly eclectic approach has produced an exciting, creative, and very entertaining repertoire which is consistently met with appreciative and rave reviews.

It continues to flourish today thanks to the commitment and dedication of a wonderful group of creative and free spirited women who share the same vision. INSHALLAH!

Photo Courtesy JAPHO Productions (c)2004,2005 Julianne featured on cover of Zaghareet! Magazine

March of 2006 also marks a special event for Julianne as, thanks to the efforts and outstanding writing of troupe member Lusynda Pool, she discovered herself as the featured dancer and on the cover of Zaghareet!.

Zaghareet! is an internationally recognized Middle Eastern Dance publication. This was a great honor.






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