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One of the troupe's most recent ventures has been a collaborative effort with a local reenactment organization called "Brothers of the Coasts".     http://brothersofthecoasts.com/


This group of swashbuckling, sword wielding pirates and limerick singing wenches brings together a wealth of historical knowledge, culture, street theater, priceless costumes, artifacts (pirate camp), pikes, swords and black powder weapons, to form a complete literary and historical setting for any maritime event.

Sahara Silk's "personas" for these pirate events are as "Qaina" and "Awalim", (professional entertainers, dancers, musicians) from the Middle East. Having been captured during a Caribbean Sea battle, the troupe basically fills the role of their Ottoman chattel, up for trade and auction.

The whole venue gives the dancers and percussionists an enormous and exciting opportunity to play, act, interact, and, of course, indulge in spontaneous improvisational dance to their own accompanying percussion and music.




As was mentioned earlier, our troupe mission is to have fun.  Well, this has turned into a hugely entertaining and successful merge that fills that mission beautifully.





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