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Interpretive fusion dances may include props or instruments such as veils, swords, zagattes, or zills, and tambourines, as depicted in 19 and 20th century Orientalist style etchings, paintings, and sculpture.

Derived from photos by: Lina Jang (c) 2005

3 photos lower right: Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006


Fusion dance, probably considered to be the troupe's "signature" style, is a combination of the core structure and style of two (or more) schools of dance. Photo: Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006Classic elements and styles of each dance are combined and presented, using appropriate musical selections reflecting elements of each style.

This concept is probably most recognizable in Spanish/Arabic music which reflects rhythmical and/or melodic elements of both cultures, the result of cultural fusion during times of political occupation.


Gypsy Tribal

Currently the favorite "standard fare" for the Sahara Silk dancers is a form of Gypsy Tribal fusion. Also called Urban Tribal, the styles are a modern upbeat blending of the Rom, Indian, Turkish "gypsy" attitude and technique with the currently popular American Tribal Style (ATS) flavor.

The presentations are more of an interpretive blend than an attempt toward "authentic" reproduction. This would be a difficult assemblage since, according to our research, the "Gypsy" or more accurately "Romany or Rom" styles have a myriad of cultural roots and the ATS style is purely a 20th century American invention.Photo: Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006

The resulting dances are fun and effervescent, reflecting an earthy, colorful, festive "gypsy" attitude (which suits us just fine!). The ATS styling refers mostly to our costuming selections and to the way the dances have been arranged and presented to reflect the troupe personality.



This Indian-6/8 fusion dance includes gungroos, or Indian ankle bells along with zills to create or enhance the rhythm of the musical selection. Costuming, as well as hand and feet posture reflects the styles of Indian dance called Kathak and Bharat Natyam while the 6/8 rhythm is clearly North African.



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