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Derived from photo by Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006

The Sahara Silk Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble specializes in presenting a family oriented quality blend of the ancient and beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance (commonly referred to by the non-Arab Western world as "belly dance").

Photo by Melissa R. Wilson (c)2006 Raks al Sharki (Oriental Dance)
Raks al Assaya (cane dance)
Raks Beledi (village or folk dance)
Raks Saiidi (upper Egypt village style)
Tunisian shaba (Water Pot dance)
Sule Kule (Turkish Gypsy Karsilama)
Turkish Karsilama
Raks al Nasha'al (Saudi Women's Dance)
Moroccan Rai
Moroccan Guedra (religious ritual)
Moroccan Schikhatt
Raks al Shemadan (candelabrum dance)
Zar (religious ritual)
candle dance (fantasy)
tambourine dance (Turkish fantasy)
veil dance (fantasy)
fantasy Gypsy fusion numbers (Rom)
American Tribal Style (ATS)
Indian fusion & Bhangra
Flamenco fusion
Middle Eastern "New age" and "Pop" fusion
and many more.


The troupe presents performances and programs of quality entertainment for Art Festivals, Crafts Shows, Church Bazaars, Cultural and Ethnic Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, Music and Dance Festivals, City functions, Parades, Sports events, Charity / Fundraising events, Family celebrations, Weddings, Restaurants, Retirement / Nursing Homes, Children's programs, Schools, Arts Association and educational functions.

The troupe performs authentic, colorful dances as well as lively fusion choreographies to music and rhythms from the Mediterranean area, North Africa, and the Middle East. Numerous and varied dances and styles have been woven into the history and eclectic repertoire of Sahara Silk. They includes researched authentic, folkloric inspired, and fantasy versions of heartfelt, spirited dances from the Arabic, Egyptian, Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, and Rom Gypsy cultures. The following are examples of some of the dances in the troupe's repertoire.

A variety of dance styles, suitable for all audiences...



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